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Mode= N in collectionInput Tag doesn't render the item at all in the jsp instead of making it just Not Visible [Albino Soave]

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[Albino Soave]
Hello, I tried to use collectionInput tag with mode=N ("Not Displayed"), but I found that the tag behaves like NOT PRESENT (I don't think this is the right behaviour of mode=N attribute).In fact, with the current implementation, the tag is not rendered at all in my JSP. Instead, using mode=N, I expected something like this rendered in my JSP:
<input type="hidden" name="myProperty" value="myValue"></input>
in order to receive in my form the array values of myProp even if
they are not displayed.
This is caused by this implementation:
if (fieldDisplayMode == AbstractFieldTag.MODE_NODISPLAY) {
// The column should not be displayed.
return EVAL_PAGE;
in the doEndLayoutTag method of the collectionInput tag and subsequent code lines. The remark "column should not be displayed"


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[Albino Soave]
Any news with this?

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