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956 BugNouveauMedium"client" sortAction causes table to be sorted by the wrong column [Kris Sabourin]01/15/2019 01:31 pm
958 BugNouveauMedium<layout:collection /> Erreur de style dans les titres des colonnes triables [Unknown user]11/01/2018 08:49 pm
1039 BugNouveauMedium<layout:collectionItem sortable="true" not working in some scenario [Rathakrishnan]10/13/2018 05:26 pm
1021 BugNouveauMajor<layout:detail> - how to change the width and set to rows [Unknown user]12/14/2018 07:00 am
1037 BugNouveauMedium<layout:html> tag always puts <base href=".."> in html rendered page [Marcello]11/16/2018 07:01 am
1006 BugNouveauMedium<layout:optionsDependent> tag not working [Unknown user]12/11/2018 02:17 pm
1007 BugNouveauMajorActionTag and CollectionInputTag uses direktly FormUtils instead of FormUtilInterface [Peter Fassev]02/27/2007 03:22 pm
913 BugNouveauMediumAdd 2 attributes to collectionItem to generate a title for the hyperlink [Jean-Noël Ribette]12/07/2018 03:31 pm
901 BugNouveauMediumAdd more display mode to collectionInput [Jean-Noël Ribette]12/01/2018 11:25 am
949 BugNouveauMediumAdd Struts Layout to the (a) maven repository [Brill Pappin]12/31/2018 12:35 pm
915 BugNouveauMediumAllow to set on which form/field the user should be warned of changes [Jean-Noël Ribette]08/30/2004 11:09 am
916 BugNouveauMediumAllow to specify for each sort how the sort should be done [Jean-Noël Ribette]12/27/2018 02:35 pm
1005 BugNouveauMediumAttribute target not available in tag layout:tab [Unknown user]01/23/2007 02:55 pm
989 BugNouveauMajorBackslash not escaped within JavaScript strings [Jesse Skinner]01/10/2019 05:53 am
945 BugNouveauMajorbasic attribute like align is not present in the CommonItemTag [malai]05/24/2005 02:26 pm
1019 BugNouveauMediumBasicCollection issue with style class [Unknown user]01/11/2019 08:28 pm
1881 BugNouveauMediumbig01/10/2019 08:04 am
967 BugNouveauCriticalBug dans hideElement si doctype présent [Unknown user]10/13/2018 07:11 pm
966 BugNouveauMediumBug dazns hideElement [Unknown user]12/19/2018 02:18 pm
957 BugNouveauMajorCannot reference bean using jsp tags within layout:collectionItem [Minal Nygaards]10/29/2018 04:33 pm
1020 BugNouveauMediumCheckbox tag and value of true [Unknown user]01/11/2019 08:29 pm
953 BugNouveauMediumCollection and datagrid tag does not support the bundle attribute [Jean-Noël Ribette]06/14/2005 04:58 pm
983 BugNouveauCriticalCollection Tag don't work with height and width values [Hugo Sacramento]12/31/2005 02:40 am
1024 BugNouveauMajorCollectionDetail doesn't work if you don't use default el.character in the skin configuration file [Albino Soave]01/11/2019 08:31 pm
1013 BugNouveauMediumCollectionItem always use UTF-8 instead of the encoding of the page [Guillaume Côté]01/17/2019 12:37 pm

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