JSP Tags

This section describes the attributes of the struts-layout tags.

  • Layout
    <layout:grid>, <layout:column>, <layout:row>, <layout:line>, <layout:space>, <layout:cell>
  • Containers, panels
    <layout:html>, <layout:panel>, <layout:form>, <layout:tabs>, <layout:tab>, <layout:popup>, <layout:toolbar>
  • Input fields
    <layout:field>, <layout:text>, <layout:number>, <layout:textarea>, <layout:checkbox>, <layout:password>, <layout:file>, <layout:date>, <layout:select>, <layout:radio>, <layout:radios>, <layout:checkboxes>, <layout:option> <layout:options>, <layout:optionsCollection>, <layout:optionsDependent>, <layout:detail>, <layout:suggest>, <layout:fieldArea>
  • Submit buttons
    <layout:formActions>, <layout:submit>, <layout:cancel>, <layout:reset>, <layout:image>, <layout:button>
  • Collections, lists, tables
    <layout:collection>, <layout:news>, <layout:collectionItem>, <layout:collectionInput>, <layout:collectionStyle>, <layout:pager>, <layout:pagerStatus>, <layout:swap>, <layout:nestedCollection>, <layout:nestedTreeCollection>, <layout:collectionDetail>, <layout:collectionTitle>, <layout:collectionGroup>, <layout:table>
  • Datagrid
    <layout:datagrid>, <layout:datagridColumn>, <layout:datagridSelect>, <layout:datagridCheckbox>, <layout:datagridText>
  • Menus and treeviews
    <layout:menuItem>, <layout:menuAction>, <layout:menu>, <layout:dynMenu>, <layout:treeview>
  • Wizard
    <layout:wizard>, <layout:wizardStep>

JSTL expression evaluation

Some tag properties can be simple JSTL expressions, like ${beanName.beanProperty}. Those properties are indicated with "[EL]".

Library initialization

If one of the previous attributes are set, the library should be initialized by a call to fr.improve.struts.taglib.layout.util.LayoutUtils.init(ServletContext). It is recommended that this be added in the servlet init method.

Note about servlet context attributes

The following servlet context attribute can be set:


The HTML code generated has change in struts-layout 0.5 so that panels and collections can be nested without having to add HTML code between the tags. If set to "false" this attribute will keep the old behaviour.
Undocumented attributes

There are other undocumented attributes that an be used to preserve compatibilty with old version. They can be found in the fr.improve.struts.taglib.layout.util.LayoutUtils class.