struts-layout components look can be highly customized, first by modifying a css file, then by implementing custom Java classes to generate the html. All the configuration options defines a skin, which can be choosen at runtime. For more information, see the skin page.

Display modes

struts-layout allows to define at runtime which input fields are readonly, writeable and their styles. struts-layout introduices the following vocabulary:

A form display mode is a form use case (like : "typing new data").

A field display mode defines the states of an input field in the different form display mode.

Read more on the display mode page


struts-layout policy framework allows to plug struts-layout in any system defining user profiles and rights. This make it possible to display or not fields, or bigger screen parts in function of the authenticated user.

Data formatting

struts-layout allows to format easily the data displayed in a page with formatters.

EL support

struts-layout has basic EL support on the attributes specified in the documentation.