To solve

  • The pager tag does not work with collections that have other collections inside

Not solvable

  • Struts-Layout does not work any more with Struts 1.0. Use Struts-Layout 1.0 instead (which must be re-compiled against Struts 1.0; don't use the binary distribution which is built against Struts 1.1).
  • Tiles definition forwards cannot be used with struts-layout server sorting and paging action without using the fr.improve.struts.taglib.layout.workflow.LayoutRequestProcessor


later releases

  • Java Server Faces compatibility
  • User defined display rights policy to restrict the display of submit buttons or links.
  • calendar tags
  • Improved menu components.
  • Icon bar components
  • xml configuration file to initialize display rights policy
  • tabbed panel nesting
  • skin plugin: allow different default skin for different module
  • pager: allow to set the page to display in the action
  • pager: allow editable collections